Monthly Archives: February 2006

Web Hosting Providers Should Communicate More

I used to hate with a passion the web hosting providers that I used and relied upon (cough, cough) before I started Web Smart Central. Just the simple task of communicating was a foreign concept. Other things used to bug me but you could break it down in the end to just plain bad communication. […]

What Is Your Biggest Fear?

I have been getting a fantastic newsletter from Scott Bywater from He mentioned finding out from your existing customers their biggest fear they had before they become a customer of yours. Simple question, but it the answers give you a direct key to knowing what you have to do to alay those fears that […]

Suffer From Affiliate Link Theft – Well Hide Your Affiliate Links Then!

Doing joint ventures with other internet businesses is a fact of life these days. Bottom line is you can grow your business in leaps and bounds with just one good joint venture. Affiliates are a form of joint venture, and is a topic that some internet users have an aversion to. Affiliates have their sales […]

Look Out – I’m Off To World Internet Summit in Sydney March 9-12

I’ve been an avid student of Brett McFall and his marketing ways for just over 2 years now, and last year when the World Internet Summit was held on the Gold Coast, I was very I’ll and wasn’t able to attend. It was disappointing for me. This year as soon as tickets went on sale […]

Search Engine Optimisation – SEO

I am a big fan of search engine optimisation – SEO. But it can be so frustrating at times. Let me outline for you the keywords that I’m trying to crack and have been since March 2005. Brisbane Web Hosting and Australian Web Hosting These are big players in the keyword marketplace. They fetch a […]

Website Ownership – if it’s Not You then Who

I see it again and again with businesses not taking ownership of their web presence. They are leaving money on the table in the bucket loads. If you don’t take control then no one else will. Just talking with people that I come into contact with about their sites, it’s truly amazing to here what […]

Beware – Domain Name Expiration Notices

Domain sniping (aka fleecing, aka duping) is rampant. I own several domains, more than I can count on my 2 hands, and yet again another year rolls around and I keep getting these Domain Name Expiration Notices from a company (Domain Registry of America) that has absolutely nothing to do with the company that I […]

Which Blog Software is the Best?

I’d like to quickly mention that I personally use WordPress and b2evolution for my blogging needs. In fact I’ll be moving away from b2evolution on my other sites and into WordPress, since I find the SPAM filters in WordPress to be far superior. Blog SPAM is as much of an issue as it is for […]

The Web Smart Central Blog is Live

I need to have a party now. The Web Smart Central Business Blog (or Aaron’s Business Blog) is finally here. The title is not set in stone yet. I’ve ummed and ahhed about putting the blog live since November 2005, for several reasons. The main reason is that blogs are personal by their very nature […]