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I’ve just created a Clientexec Snapin to enable moving a package between users in Clientexec without needing to go into phpMyAdmin and move data around in tables. It is a direct solution to this feature request – You need this Clientexec snapin if 1) want to consolidate multiple users into one, that are actually […]

Well I’ve just upgraded to IE7 on my new development laptop and it’s very refreshingly different. Microsoft apparently took one and a half years to develope it and it shows in it’s maturity as a browser.The down side is that there is still a shovel load full of web users that still have IE6 and […]

I’d like to quickly mention that I personally use WordPress and b2evolution for my blogging needs. In fact I’ll be moving away from b2evolution on my other sites and into WordPress, since I find the SPAM filters in WordPress to be far superior. Blog SPAM is as much of an issue as it is for […]

I have just noticed not 1/2 hour ago, that for the last 5 months or so months (I don’t really know how long) our main logo was displaying badly in Internet Explorer. PNG format with alpha transparency in IE5.5 and up, was rendering with a light blue background. I can’t believe it. I was positive […]

It’s come time to overhaul the complete website. It’s very agricultural at present, and did the job, but I strongly think it’s costing us potential customers. I’ll take a snapshot of it for prosterity and post the link to it from the blog once complete. The new website is a new structure and I’ll talk […]